Saturday, May 16, 2009

A table, a table...a booth

Today we did well at our garage sale. Surprisingly so, with the weather being icky. I came home, tired, late night, early morning and decided to investigate our options for a learning space. We live in a bi-level, small rooms, galley kitchen so I need a plan in advance. Space invading send my kids into a tizzy so my brain is trying to problem solve how we can create a space that will fill our family's homeschool needs and also be a great place for eating and entertaining.
As a child, we had a tri-level home, with a pseudo-basement where people gathered and the spot to be was our corner booth table. It was great for playing games, doing homework or having a snack. I have looked at some online, thinking we could turn our living room(which we really don't use and isn't practical) into our homeschool space that could double for a space when we have company. How do I do this in a way that is attractive and budget conscience? That's the prob. I need to draw a sketch and think of how to accomplish this with little money and so it doesn't look like a classroom.
While looking, I did find a great resource blog that I am adding to my sidebar. I found this while looking for a table/chair solution and it seems like a great alternative to the corner booth. Mommy Life

Here is the table site: Kidney Table
This seems like it would solve the "space-invader" problem we run into with books and papers. Just wondering how well it would transform to a multi-purpose space.


Milehimama said...

For a long time our classroom was in our dining room - with the table used for both.

In one home, I was able to use a hall closet to store all the books, papers, and supplies (with a bookcase in it with plenty of shelves).

In another home, we had bookshelves lining the walls. You can buy wardrobe type ones with doors, or just hang curtains over it with a tension rod to hide it when guests come over or at meal times.

Anonymous said...

i bought big, pretty baskets at tjmaxx for each kid and put all their stuff they needed for school in it, workbooks, books, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. they sat on the side board in the dining room, when company came or on the weekend (when i was sick of looking at them) we put them in their rooms. oh, i had one too with all my answer keys and red pens! the hall closet was for extra supplies and long term storage (stuff, you know)