Sunday, May 31, 2009

He's married!

So I relayed to David that our magnificent president went on a date in NYC last night and told home to guess how much it cost. He gave up early. I said 24k. He said, "no way, jet fuel and what else?"
Daniel stopped me and said "Who went on a date?"
I said "our president!"
He said "Wait! "He's married!"

We are trying to finish the grammar section of our homeschool assessment and it's dragging. I was down for the count with cramps most of the weekend. Thankfully, we have a busy week so the kids shouldn't get bored. Yet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One more day

of Catholic school left. I'm trying to savor my last day of freedom but I am a wreck with all there is to do. We bought some chairs and a dresser second hand over the weekend. I will report more when I get a breather. This is nutty...haha

Friday, May 22, 2009

For a laugh

Glenn Beck Twitter

Really trying to get your point across, huh God...

So yesterday they had a field trip at school where only *some* students got picked to go. Meaning from each class, they drew names. My sons got picked, my daughter did not. Okay, fine. Surely they will do something fun with them at school, right? WRONG. My little Mary cleaned the classroom and desks ALL DAY. She cried when she got in the van. I don't blame her. The students that got picked were not picked because of achievement or grades(she is a straight A student), it was random. What is this teaching kids? Life's not fair? I give. I see no point. It made her angry and hate the school and be upset by the kids that got to go. They came back bragging, got tee shirts, souvenirs and prizes. Mary got squat. She watched 1/2 hr. of a movie they didn't get to finish because the other kids came back in the middle of it. They wouldn't get by with this nonsense at a public school, the parents would be outraged. I'm not saying the parents aren't outraged about yesterday but no one stopped it.
Sorry. I had to vent somewhere.
Today they wore smelly gym clothes to Mass and have a procession with streamers and flags for Olympic Day. Nice way to honor our Lord who died for us. I didn't want to end this school year on a bad note but I guess it needs be. How else would I feel so strongly that homeschool is our only option. Did I mention they are serving hot dogs at their catholic school on a Friday? Yeah, that. My kids packed nacho and cheese pizza Lunchables. They have an early dismissal today so I better get cracking on the rest of my work day. I was going to get some resources for asperger's and homeschool. That will have to happen next week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another installment of....Heard in the Minivan

So we are on the way home from school when Mary asks from way in the back,
"Mom, was grandma alive when Martin Luther King was?"
I replied.
"Was she black or white then?"
Muffling my laugh I said
"She was white".
Then Joel had to probe further,
"What team was she on, the blacks or the whites?"

Looks like we will be studying the civil war AND civil rights movement sooner rather than later. Maybe a better biology lesson, too.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A table, a table...a booth

Today we did well at our garage sale. Surprisingly so, with the weather being icky. I came home, tired, late night, early morning and decided to investigate our options for a learning space. We live in a bi-level, small rooms, galley kitchen so I need a plan in advance. Space invading send my kids into a tizzy so my brain is trying to problem solve how we can create a space that will fill our family's homeschool needs and also be a great place for eating and entertaining.
As a child, we had a tri-level home, with a pseudo-basement where people gathered and the spot to be was our corner booth table. It was great for playing games, doing homework or having a snack. I have looked at some online, thinking we could turn our living room(which we really don't use and isn't practical) into our homeschool space that could double for a space when we have company. How do I do this in a way that is attractive and budget conscience? That's the prob. I need to draw a sketch and think of how to accomplish this with little money and so it doesn't look like a classroom.
While looking, I did find a great resource blog that I am adding to my sidebar. I found this while looking for a table/chair solution and it seems like a great alternative to the corner booth. Mommy Life

Here is the table site: Kidney Table
This seems like it would solve the "space-invader" problem we run into with books and papers. Just wondering how well it would transform to a multi-purpose space.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It was a NIGHTMARE, Mom!

On the way home, Daniel relayed to me a nightmare he had last night. I was expecting monsters, being beat up, falling off a bridge. Nope.

He said "We were in church and the girl at the door said it was a traditional Latin Mass and so we go in and sit down. Then they started playing rock music and the priest was a GIRL! I was so scared, Mom. Is that the way things are going to be soon? Huh? Cause I am scared that it will and I was really worried when I woke up."

Sigh. What have I done? My son is so afraid of womyn priestesses it keeps him up at night. Ora pro nobis!