Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mercy and care

It was a work filled weekend. I worked a lot. While I was able to complete so man orders, so much still needs to be completed. Financially, we are struggling. So many bills, student loans, credit cards, so I became frustrated. Then tonight, I come home from my parents and 2 nice sized orders come in. God is merciful and takes care of me, even when I worry. Why? I'm not showing total trust. But He cares for me and wants me to know everything will be okay. So I cried a bit knowing that I am weak and He is strong and that the world may be in disarray but that has nothing to do with the way God cares for me. I think on St. Augustine and how I should continue to work s though everything depends on me and pray as if everything depends on God.
So I am having a nightcap and waiting for David to come home from shipping. I'm taking a break ;)

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