Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Asperger's and a mother's sanity

Joel has been having issue with self esteem and feeling overwhelmed. It's frustrating when he falls back on pat answers and responses to whatever I throw at him. It doesn't help when a teacher gives him a homework assignment that entails counting garbage ouside when it is pouring down rain with no end in sight. How much am I paying again for this school?

My head hurts badly. Joel and I had a smackdown that lasted about 45 minutes. Neither of us won. He is refusing to do chores. Homeschool. What was I thinking? I'm trusting you, God. This house has very tiny rooms and no where to really escape for privacy. My office equals work so that is hardly a get-away.

I love that boy but he clearly tests my patience and ability to keep my wits.

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Uh. I have a girl who is the best little girl. She does extra chores, slept on the floor for lent (her idea), reads daily on the saints, helps her baby sister with EVERYTHING and even buys her things or sticks up for her when she feels Mari's been given the shaft on anything...and today, I screamed at her until I was hoarse! She has this thing where she thinks that she can whine her way out of/into things and when I tell her "Just do it and zip your lip!" she says sassy last words like, "I AM!" Oh, that girl is going to be the DEATH of me, I tell you! She's at least been apologizing lately, but I'm not so convinced that it's because she feels bad about it, really. I'm more convinced it's because she knows I'll follow through on taking away a privilage if she doesn't. I spent the whole morning, wishing I could tape her mouth and stick her in the closet until she is 25. We calmed down and went shopping this afternoon (where she begged to get a ballarina outfit for Mari...I gave in on that one) and forgave eachother but we have a lot of days like this. She doesn't have any kind of disorder, she's just very...stubborn, willful, has an overblown sense of justice? I don't know. Things are getting better though. At least now she can go to confession. I think that really helped. It helps everyone, right?