Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cafeteria, over and out

So weird. I was actually looking forward to ravioli and they had hamburgers, ran out of food, cooked up some for us "helpers", we got busy and they burned to a crisp. I'm sort of sad to go and the middle school was not too horribly bad. The elementary...eesh. I have decided that I better do something fun and take advantage of the small bit of alone time I have. It probably won't return.
We went to family therapy last night and the boys both blew up and fought in front of the therapist. That is actually a good thing. Then I don't have to say "now they do this and fight over this and refuse to do this", she can see it and go "whoa".
I hate messy rooms and a messy house. It makes me crazy. But I also hate the feuds that erupt when I say "clean your room". This is a conundrum.

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